We Specialize in Automatic Car Driving Lessons

——- We are based in Wolverhampton but we also cover Walsall.

——- Fully Qualified Driving Instructors ( Not trainees)

——- DSA Approved Driving Instructors

——- PassPlus Registered
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——- We are available from 8am to 8pm Monday to Sunday. ( NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR EVENING OR WEEKEND DRIVING LESSONS)

——- Beginners are welcome

——- Nervous pupils or Refresher’s are always welcome
——- Intensive Crash courses available.

Friendly Driving Instructors

——- It is natural to be nervous when you are starting to learn to drive.

——- With Us you do not have to worry because our Instructors are very friendly and helpful.

——- You will learn in short period of time and you will gain confidence even from 1st Lesson with our Instructors.


Students, Beginners & Block Booking Discounts available

——- We always have special offers for Students.

——- If you are a complete beginner you can also take advantage of our block booking discounts. If you Book for 10 Hours or more you will also get discounts. See our Prices page for more info.


Driving Lesson Prices

——- We have a range of prices on offer to suit most of the people.

——- If you wish to pass in few weeks, we have Intensive crash courses available at discounted prices.

——- You can pay as you go cash, cheques, pay directly in Bank or even on-line.


Driving Tuition Areas

——- We Cover most areas in Wolverhampton and Walsall. See our Areas we cover page for more details.


Why Choose Automatic
——- NO Gear

——- NO Clutch

——- NO Hassle

——- Driving an automatic car is easier than a manual there is no Clutch.

——- You do not have to change gear.

——- No need to worry about the biting point.

——- No need to change gear when approaching a roundabout or any junction.

——- No need to worry about stalling the car.

——- No need to worry about the speed, clutch and gear coordination.

——- You can just concentrate on going forward, that is forward gear or reverse gear.

——- It is called automatic so it will change the gear automatically without you even knowing and it knows best most of the time when to change.

——- It is quite good in busy traffic roads where in manual you have to change gear every few seconds.

——- For most of the people they do enjoy and also save money because they learn in fewer lessons.

——- There is a downside though, you will not be able to drive a manual car, so even after passing your test in automatic you can drive any car which has an automatic gear to go from A to B. You will have to take the test again if you wish to learn in manual car. So it is your decision either go ahead and call us to learn in automatic in few weeks (we specialise in automatic driving lessons )or look for a manual driving instructor.